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The Dodge Clothes Pin Factory

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The first and world's largest clothespin factory was located at Richwood

Aerial View of Richwood

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Where:         Richwood West Virginia  
When:           19__ ?  
Sent:          Paul Greathouse (The original picture belongs to J. Bennett)

Notice the Swinging Bridge beside the Southside Bridge. You can see the Old Football field of Richwood High School...     I remember Joe Andrick, (Athletic Director)
    Frank Cvetnick, (Head Coach) and Ralph Johnson ( Assistant) at Richwood High
You can see White's Funeral Home at Railroad and Home Street on the Left of the
Clothes Pin Factory

In 1901,the Dodge Clothespin Company built the world's largest clothespin factory in Richwood, WV and Richwood became knowing as The Clothespin Capital of the world.
Clothespins are used to hang wet laundry on a clothesline, this information is for the young generation who never did use clothespins for hanging up laundry outside.
RichwoodClick for Virginia

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