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50,000 Grizzly bears in the lower 48 states in the 1800's.
( Reduced by 99 percent during the past century.)
Grizzly Bears
Grizzly bear, declined steadily throughout the early 1800s and late 1900s with less than 1,000 bears in the lower 48 states in 1975. The brown bear once roamed across most of North America is now restriced to a few isolated mountainous areas.

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                  The Grizzly bear is actually just another name for the Brown Bear and the bears primarily lead solitary lives, spending most of their
time foraging, or looking for food. Brown and Grizzly bear females usually need a very large home range (50 to 300 square miles) and the male
need about 200 to 500 square miles.
Richwood WV.
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The largest land omnivore in the lower 48 states, a symbol of America's wildness, the male adult grizzly bear typically weigh 300 to 600 pounds, although under ideal habitat, 800 pounds are possible.
Male Grizzly Bear - 7" tall. Today, the grizzly bear is found in only about 2 percent of the lower 48 states.
Grizzle bears will attack people and cause death in defense of cubs and carcasses.
At the top of the food chain, adult grizzly bears have little to fear from other mammals except the human, (the top predator).