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The Richwood High School. Year is unknown.

Richwood,Nicholas County,West Virginia,High School Photo submitted by: Paul Greathouse

RHS Faculty

( Mid -'60s )
Grades : 08-12
Enrollment (Uncertified): More than 300 boys and girls entered Richwood High School as 9th graders in the fall of 1960.

Staff Listing -- 40 Staff Members Listed

Mr.Wilbert D. Mick ( Principal), Mr. Eugene Deitz ( Assistant Principal), Mrs Lucille Ferguson (Secretary), Mr.Edwin B. Pratt (Band,Glee Club,Music Appreciation),
Miss Christine White (English 12), Mrs.Lyda Deitz (English 11, French I, II), Miss Betsy Deitz (English 10,11), Mr. James Gwinn (English 10,11), Mrs.Martha Moore (English 10,11), Mrs. Naomi McKinney (English 9),
Mr. J. Broda Rader (Chemistry,Physics), Mrs.Lucille Marsh (Biology, English 10), Mr. Carroll Dorsey (Science 12, Math 10), Mr. Fred Ferguson (Mechanical Drawing, Science 9), Mrs. Margaret Wills (Biology), Mr. Edward Buck (Bible, Biology),
Mr.Howard Holcomb (Algebra II, Solid and Plane Geometry, Trigonometry), Miss Marian McFadden (College English, Latin I, II, Algebra I ), Mr. Dale Allman (Algebra I , II), Mr. James Fitzwater (Driving, Mechanical Drawing), Miss Velmer Sparks (English 9, Math 9), Mr. Robert Curry (Math 9, 10),
Manual Arts
Mr. Frank Cvetnick (Civics, Coach), Mr. Joe Andrick (Coach, Physical Education), Mrs. Sandra Ferguson (Librarian), Mrs. Ann Suerken (Home Economics I , Science 9), Mrs. Frances Judy (Home Economics I, II , III ), Mrs. Dorene Morris (Civics, Physical Education),
Vocational Training
Mr. John Matheny (Bookkeeping I , Typing I , Commercial Math), Mrs. Betty Matheny (Shorthand I , II , General Business), Mr. Forrest Dorsey (Typing I , II , Driving), Mr. Shirley Young (Electricity), Mr. Gilbert Dean (Supervisor of Trade School, Machine Shop), Mr. Clyde Armstrong (Welding),
Social Studies
Mr. Ralph Johnson ( World Geography, History III, Coach), Mrs. Melinda Hicks (History II , III) , Miss Betty Selman (Civics, History II ), Mrs. Frances Woodyard (English I , Civics), Mrs.Bessie Barnette (History II, III) Miss Mary Critchfield ( World Geography, History III, IV,Psychology),

Thanks to a great staff, a great school, great friends, and we are incredibly grateful to the teachers who help us in many ways and we are thankful for it.
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