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Richwood Grade School 7th & 8th Grade,Richwood WV

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Richwood Grade School 7 & 8 Grade
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Pictured is the seventh and eighth grade class (1960-1961) of the Richwood Grade Elementary School. We are able to identify a few of the members, is there a Richwooder or a Richwood Grade School Class Mate who can Identify the rest of the class or errors on the page, please let us know?
Row 1,left to right: 
         Number 1.    Mrs. Mckinney (teacher)         
         Number 2.    Jack Rock         
         Number 3.    Connie Barnett                
         Number 4.    Eddie Hunt         
         Number 5.    Linda Webb         
         Number 6.    Edmond(Butch )Boggs         
         Number 7.    Joann Frame         
         Number 8.    Sam Straley          
Row 2 ,left to right:
         Number 1.    John Kennedy         
         Number 2.    Sharon Ward         
         Number 3.    Freddy Webb        
         Number 4.    Alice Westfall         
         Number 5.    Charles Hinkle          
         Number 6.    Mary Beth Morris         

Row 3, left to right:
         Number 1.    Linda Russell         
         Number 2.    Charley Bill Reed        
         Number 3.    Joyce Clark         
         Number 4.    Bub Shaver         
         Number 5.    Sharon Hosey         
         Number 6.    Shirley Glisppie         
         Number 7.    Betty Clifton         
         Number 8.    Randy Niday                  

Row 4,left to right:      
         Number 1.    Lillian Frazer         
         Number 2.    Pam Hurd         
         Number 3.    Josephine ?           
         Number 4.    Delores Davis 

(1)Sharon Hosey Smith, Richwood Grade School 7th & 8th Grade,Richwood WV recognize,
Mrs. Mckinney,(teacher),Jack Rock,Connie Barnett,Eddie Hunt,Linda Webb,
Edmond ( Butch ) Boggs,Sam Straley,John Kennedy,Sharon Ward,Freddy Webb,Alice Westfall
Charles Hinkle,Mary Beth Morris,Linda Russell,Charley Bill Reed,Joyce Clark,Bub Shaver,
Sharon Hosey,Shirley Glisppie,Randy Niday,Lillian Frazer,Pam Hurd,Josephine ?,
Delores Davis. (2)From formal Joann Frame  Row 1 #7th picture is Joann Frame who now lives in Akron Ohio and the 3rd row #7th picture is Betty Clifton which both girls were cousins and Betty lives in Wash. DC.
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Where:         Richwood West Virginia  
When:          1960 & 1961
Submitted by:  Unknown  

Richwood seventh & eighth grade, Richwood, West Virginia

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