Richwood West Virginia

South Side Grade School Fifth and Sixth,1954 - 1955,Richwood WV

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South Side Grade School,Fifth and Sixth,1954 - 1955

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Where:            Richwood West Virginia  
When:             1954 & 1955
Submitted by:     Paul Greathouse

Row One Southside Grade School Edith Hall,Doug Kenner,Joyce McCroskey,Frank Lavy, Row Two Southside Grade School John Postek,Ruth McCumbers,John Hall,Drema Hampton,Lloyd Hunt,Phyllis Spence, Richard Greathouse, Row Three Southside Grade School Lora Cox,Don't Know Name,Harriet Adama,Bob Persinger,Inez O'Dell, Glen Facemire, Sandra Kenner,

South Side Elementary Grade School 1954 - 1955, Richwood, West Virginia

Richwood West Virginia
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