Richwood West Virginia

South Side Grade School Sixth and Seventh,1956 - 1957,Richwood WV

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South Side Grade School,Sixth and Seventh,1956 - 1957

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Where:            Richwood West Virginia  
When:             1956 & 1957
Submitted by:     Paul Greathouse

Row 1 Southside Grade School Mary Hollandsworth,Bob Persinger,Phillis Spence,Can't remember,Peggy Shaver,Jim Markum, Lora Cox,Bob Hanna,Joyce McCroskey, Row 2 Southside Grade School Barbara Doss,Jack Harris,Can't remember,John Postek,Can't remember,Derrl Furr, Row 3 Southside Grade School Dremma Hampton,Guy Wilfong,Phillis Bennet,Richard Doss,Can't remember,Richard Greathouse, Ruth McCumber,John Hall,Can't remember,Phillis Griffith,Burl Tingler,Can't remember, Can't remember,Frank Leyv,Linda Hanna,John Adams,Can't remember,

South Side Elementary Grade School 1956 - 1957, Richwood, West Virginia

Richwood West Virginia
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