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Tannery Grade School Eighth grade, Richwood, WV

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Tannery Grade School 8 Grade

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Where:          Richwood West Virginia  
When:           1956 &   1957  
Submitted by:   Janet Collins 

If anybody know the names of the others ones or errors on the page, please let us know.

Row 1
       1.  Johnny Sparks
       2.  Ann King
       3.  J.W. Morris
       4.  Janet Boggs Collins
       5.  Freeley Worrell
       6.  Anna Lee Carden
       7.  James Trescott
Row 2
        1. MAretta Barnett
        2. Maynord Bunting
        3. Danny Hartshorne
        4. Ruby Bunting
Row 3
        1. David Hicks
        2. Susie Shuttlesworth
        3. Karen Mullens
        4. Donny Weese
Row 4
        1. Sally Phillips
        2. Susie Loyd
        3. Sharon Goad 
        4. Beverly Phillips

         These are all the Tannery class of 1956-57 that I can remember
          Janet Collins   

Janet, may be able to help you with some of the names of the Tannery Students 1957. Row 1 #3
J.W. Morris, #5, Freeley Worrell. Row 3 Karen Mullens. Hope this helps, it sure brought back
a lot of memories. Thanks for the picture.   Terry Gibbs Fields

I would like to correct and add to the Tannery 8th grade pictures. row 3 #4 is Donny Wease
and row 4 #1 is Sally Phillips.   John Sparks

Tannery Eighth grade, Richwood, West Virginia

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