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Tannery Grade School Third grade, 1954 - 1955, Richwood, WV

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Tannery Grade School,Eight Grade,1953 - 1954

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Where:           Richwood West Virginia  
When:            1954 & 1955
Submitted by:    Janet Collins

Here is a picture of Tannery Grade School 3rd Grade  (1954 and 1955)
A list of names that Sharon Boggs Greathouse can remember (3rd on the second row).
Please if anybody know the names of the others ones or errors on the page, please let us know.
Not sure of the spelling on some of these.
Row 1
         Number 2         Ann Mullins
         Number 3         Danny Barnett
         Number 6         Sue Mullins
         Number 8         Lois Hess
Row 2 
         Number 1         Shelia Wolverton
         Number 3         Sharon Boggs
         Number 4         James Bunting
         Number 5         Carolyn Webb
         Number 6         Billy
Row 3
         Number 1         Donald Cornell 
         Number 2         Garnet Carden
         Number 6         Sharon Wood
         Number 7         Steve Jet
Row 4
         Number 2         Glen Lester 
         Number 3         Dona Sue Cutlip
         Number 5         Donie Collins
         Number 7         Mabil Butman       

Richwood Click for West Virginia

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