Richwood West Virginia

Used to be one of the old Paper Mill Company houses in Richwood WV

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I was born and raised in that Richwood house on Riverside Drive behind Campolio grocery store in the 50's & 60's ( the street had no name and we got our mail at the main post office in Richwood WV ) and in 1954 the Cherry River was up to the top of the back door of the house, ( it was the 1954 Flash Flood ) my love for the area runs very deep, just like the Cherry River did that day. I have such wonderful happy memories of the people who lived there. I fished in the Cranberry and Cherry rivers and Summit Lake. Went swimming at Cherry River Falls and My playground was the old Richwood Paper Mill and the swinging bridge. I remember family vacations,going up on Cranberry camping and swimming at Camp Splinter and we would have a big family reunion at Woodbine and have loads of fun, the sixties were the greatest of time. I am proud to say that I am from Riverside Drive Area of Richwood WV


Richwood West Virginia
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