Cranberry Wilderness - Backcountry

Near Richwood, Cranberry Wilderness is within The Monongahela National Forest.
Monongahela National Forest, is part of America's Most Scenic Natural Treasures.        Back        4 Seasons Gallery!
Cranberry Backcountry
Submitted by: Jeff Sias, Virginia Beach, VA
Fall colors at Cranberry River - Cranberry Backcountry.Photo taken this Fall '04 - October 13th, at House Log Run in the Cranberry Backcountry, Photo by Jeff Sias, Virginia Beach, VA

Backcountry of Cranberry
Submitted by: Jeff Sias
Fall colors at Cranberry Backcountry.Photo taken Oct. 13, 2004 in the Cranberry Backcountry. Rt. 76 looking south toward Dogway Bridge. Photo taken by Jeff Sias, Virginia Beach, VA
Cranberry WildernessCranberry Wilderness and the Cranberry Back Country:
State:            West Virginia
Counties:       Webster and Pocahontas counties
District:          Gauley Ranger District
Forest:           Monongahela National Forest
Sanctuary:      Black Bear ( no hunting of bear within Cranberry Wilderness)
Rivers:            North Fork of the Cranberry River and Middle Fork of the William's River

Motorized vehicles are not permitted within the Cranberry Wilderness area so hiking provides a gateway to the unspoiled Wilderness, offering you access to 35,000 acres with a mix of northern hardwoods and some red spruce at higher elevations and is the largest Wilderness preserve in the Monongahela National Forest.
If you think you have seen a mountain lion, or cougar in Cranberry Wilderness, you are not alone.
Cranberry Back-Country is designated for mountain biking, horseback riding ,fishing, etc. and the Cranberry River is in the top #10 for the West Virginia's fishing rivers. Cranberry Back-Country forested areas with relatively little human disturbance is great habitat for Black Bears.

Cranberry Wilderness and Backcountry is a great escape from the city. Back   4 Seasons Gallery!
Where:               Cranberry Backcountry, near Richwood West Virginia
When:                Autumn of 2004
Photographer:        Jeff Sias, Virginia Beach, VA
Photo submitted by:  Jeff Sias, Virginia Beach, VA

Some of America's Most Scenic Natural Treasures is the Monongahela National Forest and the Mountains surrounding Nicholas County and the Cranberry Wilderness.
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Some of America's Most Scenic Natural Treasures is the Monongahela National Forest and the Mountains surrounding Nicholas County and the Cranberry Wilderness.
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