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"First Aid Team at Mt. Hope Coal Company at Holcomb"

Submitted by: Evelyn Nethken Davis ( On Wed, September 13, 2006 1:40 pm )

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Photo of First Aid Team at Mt. Hope Coal Company at Holcomb            I found this picture at my parents home in Richwood.
      First row:
            1. Glenn Cornell
            2. Frank Nethken
            3. Howard Wooten

      Second Row
            2. Howard Windon
            3. Minner Cummings
            4. Willis Cornell
      Can anyone identified the others. Thank you
      Evelyn Nethken Davis

Holcomb Mine Safety Team
Pictured from left to right:
First Row---Glenn Cornell (my Dad)---Frank Nethkin---Howard Wooten
Second Row---???---Howard Windon---Minner Cummings---Willis Cornell (my uncle)
Information from: Glen (Buster) Cornell
My Dad was the captain of this team and I often watched them practice out where the old cannon used to be in front of RHS. And at some point this team would compete with other mines in the area and state. The competition was to present the team with certain injuries and they were judged on how well they did. Howard Wooten, also our neighbor was always the injured one since he was the smallest, and easiest to carry on a stretcher.
Hopefully you can use this information for an update.
Buster Cornell---------08/03/2010

Name Correction Miners
Concerning the photo of the Mine Rescue Team. Back row, second from left, you have the name of the miner wrong. The correct spelling is Howard Windon
That's my granddad, God rest his soul.
LeAnn R. Harris

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