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Nancy Hart
Hart Mural

This photo states it's from 1957 Richwood, West Virginia.

Donegan Coal and Coke Richwood West Virginia 1957 My Grandfather, Charles Allen 1909-1998 formerly of Quinnwood WVa, is on the bottom row 9th from the left. I don't know much about it. I found this hanging in my father's garage and wanted to try to restore it and keep this photo in the family, I found your web site while trying to find out more about the photo. Thought you may like to have it. Any other info about the photo you may have would be great. Thanks again. Hope you like the photo.
Submitted By Ryan Slone

  • Coke ovens at Saxman WV, which played a big part of Richwood form the
    1900 to late 50's

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