West Virginia Panther
A large, powerful, cat (Felis concolor)
Sighting a Black Mountain Lion is a rare and unexpected event. So unexpected that it's common for people to initially mistake them for panthers. Contrary to popular belief, there are no black panthers in USA. Occasionally, a Cougar/Mountain Lion will be gray,dark brown, cinnamon which can appear almost black and, even more rarely, solid black mountain lion. Most are essentially reddish and light brown to tawny in color. The Scuttle Butt that I have been told from reliably people was a Black Cougar/Mountain Lion was sighted in the woods of Flag Pond Tennessee in 2007 by the Hensley and Shelton boys. So if you think you have seen a black cougar, or mountain lion in West Virginia or Tennessee, you are not alone.
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If you think you have seen a panther in West Virginia, you are not alone.
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Submitted by: Billybob

Panther,Mountain Lion,Catamount,Cougars and Puma
(Some of the names for this great cat) and is found principally in the mountains.

Where:                Panther Country.  Panther are shy and avoid humans, you could live 
                      your entire lifetime in panther country and never see one. When:                2004 Photographer:         Billybob Photo submitted by:   Billybob

Some Appalachian stories tell of these big cats sighting in West Virginia and panthers screaming like a woman at night in the Monongahela National Forest and the Mountains and counties surrounding Nicholas County.
The Scuttle Butt that I have been told was the Panthers were exterminated decades ago from West Virginia but that doesn't mean they aren't present... mountain lions,panthers,cougars,pumas,
catamount are some of the names for this great cat that are listed as endangered species and are rare in the eastern States.
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Some of America's Most Scenic Natural Treasures is the Monongahela National Forest and the Mountains surrounding Nicholas County.
Panther a large, powerful, cat (Felis concolor) of mountainous regions.