Mountain Lion or Cougar
The Scuttle Butt that I have been told was the eastern mountain lions,were exterminated decades ago but that doesn't mean they aren't present... Mountain lions, cougars, panthers, pumas, catamount, are some of the names for this great cat that are listed as endangered species and are rare in the eastern States.        Back  Next      Wildlife Index!
If you think you have seen a mountain lion, or cougar in West Virginia, you are not alone.
Mountain Lion or cougar
Submitted by: Billybob
Mountain Lion, or Cougar  (2004)
Like many large predators, it has retreatd to more inaccessible areas because of the emornous threats posed by modern civilzation.
Mountain Lion or Cougar
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Submitted by: Billybob

Cougar,Mountain Lion,Catamount,Panther, and Puma,
(Some of the names for this great cat) and is found principally in the mountains.

More than 300 cougar sightings have been reported in West Virginia since 1975, according to the Eastern Puma Research Network.
Cougar Sightings, West Virginia

Submitted by: John A. Lutz, Director
Eastern Puma Research Network

             Subject: Mountain lion data
             From: "John Lutz"
             Date: Thu, March 22, 2007 4:46 pm
             To:   Richwooders webmaster


I thought we would bring up to more recent dat some of the material supplied to you in our last correspondance 2 years ago on mountain lions in West Virginia.

In Feb, 2006 tracks of an adult & cub mountain lion were found, made into plaster casts and identified by Wildlife Biologist Jon Vinroot & Canadian Wildlife Biologist Gerry Parker, author of a 1994 book entitled "The Eastern Panther - Mystery Cat of the Appalachians".

There is also a videotape of a confirmed black panther which was filmed in SW Pendleton Co, WV in January, 2005 by a farmer Jason Bowers.

Additional tracks of a confirmed mountain lion were found in the Smoke Hole Wilderness Area of Grant County, an ideal habitat which has long been rumored to have mountain lions and black panthers as inhabitants for over 100 years.

We also publish a flyer entitled, "All You Need To Know About Native Mountain Lions, Pumas, Black Panthers" which details major highlights to warn people how to avoid contact with one of these great American Lions. If interested, a copy will be sent for use in advising website readers, how to avoid a confrontation with one of these elusive large cats.

Our NEW e-mail address is:
and our website with much pictorial data remains as:


John A. Lutz, Director
Eastern Puma Research Network
HC 30 Box 2233
Maysville, WV. 26833
24 Hr Hotline: 304-749-7778
NEW E-mail:

Submitted by: John A. Lutz, Director
Eastern Puma Research Network

             Subject: mountain lions
             From: "John Lutz"
             Date: Thu, August 25, 2005 10:21 am
             To:  Richwooders webmaster

No, we do not have any pictures of Richwood to share, but we do have a great interest in the big cats called mountain lions, cougars, pumas or black panthers.

We have conducted hundreds of field searches & found some evidence as to the presence of big cats in Wild, Wonderful WV.

Since 1975, more than 300 sightings have been recorded in our beautiful state.

Approx. 65% of all reports are from credible witnesses with backgrounds in law enforcement, game management or forestry. In other words, they are credible reports.

Tracks of confirmed cougars have been found in Grant & Pendleton Counties within the last 2 years.

In 1870, a 6 year old boy was attacked & killed by a "rogue" panther in Randolph County, WV.

The majority of WV sightings are along the Appalachian Mountain Range in the eastern part of the state.

In early April, the Virginia Game & Inland Fisheries Dept. published for the 1st time a list of 29 counties where cougar sightings have been frequently reported. The majority of Va counties with the most reports border West Virginia.

We are in the process of writing up & publishing a complete list of the most credible reports in West Virginia for the period of 1920s thru 2005.

We publish a data based flyer entitled, "All You Need To Know About The Native Eastern Cougar". If interetsed in a copy, send us a mailing address.

John A. Lutz, Director
Eastern Puma Research Network
HC 30 Box 2233
Maysville, WV 26833

24-Hour Hotline: 304-749-7778

New Eastern Puma Research Network Web-site is being constructed. Last one was destroyed by hackers.

We publish the only regularly scheduled newsletter on the Eastern Mountain Lion 4 times a year.....

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Check for Others Mountain Lion Sightings, West Virginia
Where:                Mountain Lion Country.  These large, powerful lions or mountain cats  
                      are shy and avoid humans, you could live, your entire lifetime
                      in Lion or mountain cats country and never see one. When:                2004 Photographer:         Billybob Photo submitted by:   Billybob

Some Appalachian stories tell of these big cats sighting in West Virginia and Cats screaming like a woman at night in the Monongahela National Forest and the Mountains and counties surrounding Nicholas County.
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Some of America's Most Scenic Natural Treasures is the Monongahela National Forest and the Mountains surrounding Nicholas County.
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