Opossums, Visitors of the Night.
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Opossums have an ovrall gray appearance. The long, loose coat is made up of a thick gray undercoat and long, coarse white or black tipped guard hairs. Overall length of up to 33 inches, weighs about 6 -12 pounds and live seven years or more. The opossum is the only North American marsupial mammals with a pouch. Others mammals of the order Marsupialia, including bandicoots,wombats and the kangaroos, found principally in Australia. Opossum have short legs, five toes on each foot and a pointed nose, a long scaly tail, 8 to 12 inch long that is used for grasping. Opossums have 50 very sharp teeth-more teeth than any other North American mammal.
There are 5 toes on each foot. The big toe on the hind foot doesn't have a claw.
Eyes are jet black, face is white, ears are furless and subject of freezing.
The name of this opossum is Lauren Opossum Mug
The Night Visitor feed on Velveeta Cheeseand bird seeds for hours.
Eyes are jet black:, nose is pink, face is white, snout is sharp-pointed and ears are furless.

You can find the Opossums just about anywhere in West Virginia. Opossums are solitary, nocturnal hunters and when they are preyed upon by coyotes, foxes, large owls and bobcats, the opossum defend themselves with their teeth or may pretend to be dead, the opossum draws its lips back, revealing the needle sharp teeth, drools, and looks dead.
Submitted by: Bobbie & Lauren Opossum Mug

The opossum is more solitary and are usually only active at night. It feeds on a variety of vegetables, fruits and other foods, including rats, mice, frogs, birds,insects, small rabbits, nuts, eggs and dead and decaying flesh of animals. Opossum gait is slow and awkward. Both legs move on the same side simultaneously so this make them very slow and easily caught by predators.

Where:                Opossum Country   
When:                 2005 and May 3, 2009   
Photographer:         Bobbie & Lauren Opossum Mug 
Submitted by:         Bobbie & Lauren Opossum Mug

                  The opossums are good climbers and seeks shelter in hollow trees, brush piles and logs. They breed two or three times each year. The average litter contains six to nine opossums and the babies remain in the pouch for 2 months. The next two months they ride on the mother's back.
List of Hollow (A small valley between Appalachian mountains) named after Opossum in West Virginia.
    (A) Opossum Hollow, Dawson, Greenbrier County, WV.
    (B) Possum Hollow, Mercer, Oakvale, WV.
    (C) Possum Hollow, Pocahontas, Minnehaha Springs, WV.
    (D) Possum Hollow, Summers,Alderson, WV.
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They seem to be found almost everywhere, through most of West Virginia, cities, suburbs, farm lands, woodlands, as well as riverbanks, wetlands, wilderness areas.