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Is this a mountain lion track?



Difference between K9 and feline tracks.Difference between K9 and feline tracks

Took photo in Kanawha County just out of Clay County on 3/7/2010, also seen tracts of a cub.
Itís clear there are thousands of residents who often mistake the tracks of coyotes and large dogs as Mountain Lions but the track you posted could be a mountain lion or a big dog or left by coyote?
A track in soft dirt spread out more and may look bigger from one in regular dirt. Animals tracks 3 to 4 inches Mountain Lion; no claw marks  |  2 to 2.5 inches Bobcat; no claw marks  |  2 to 3 inches canine; claw marks.
The front two toes in a canine track will always be even with each other, while a mountain lion's or cougar's track's front two toes will be offset with one slightly in front of the other. The front two toes looks even to me, so this could be a canine track. Other who looks at this photography will not completely rule out the possibility that a bobcat made this track.
Anyone else seen any clues? What's your opinion on this track? Email Us

Thank Jay Carper for the excellent photography.
Taken on 3/07/2010
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