Cranberry Glades Boardwalk  ( Glades )  Attractions Near Richwood!
A photography picture of wooden boardwalk path that leads through Cranberry Glades.
Picture taken summer 2004.

A half-mile boardwalk has been constructed through two of the bogs so you can enjoy the area without disturbing this fragile community. Help protect these bogs and stay on the boardwalk, and leave the flowers for others to enjoy. Remember...many of these unique plants are descended from seeds that took root here over 10,000 years ago! With your help, they will continue to live here, making Cranberry Glades a special place to visit for a long time to come! The boardwalk for this area is wheelchair accessible.
Cranberry Glades

This is a boardwalk along the edges of the Cranberry Glades and the glades is not swamplands
or quicksand, the consistency of the ground thuroughout the glades is more spongy.

Cranberry Glades is among West Virginia most unique ecosystem and well worth the drive. It is a 750-acre bog left over from the Ice Age. Located at the southern tip of the Cranberry Wilderness. Guided tours are also available from the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center located at the junction of Rt. 39/55 and the Highland Scenic Highway.

When leaving the Cranberry Glades you can go and meander in the neighboring Cranberry Backcountry, is a 26,000 acre area designated for low-impact outdoor recreation with activities like horseback riding, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing, hiking,fishing etc. Where you can camp out in shelters, and use mules to haul in gear and pulled wagons and carts. Fish the Cranberry River, in the top #10 list for the West Virginia's fishing rivers.


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