Falls of Hills Creek

There are three main falls on the same trail.    (1) lower    (2) middle    (3) upper   
(A) Stairways   (B) Boardwalks
Falls of Hills Creek located in
Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

Falls of Hills Creek is near the town and communities of Richwood West Virginia. From Richwood, follow WV-39/55, to the Falls of Hills Creek Scenic Area (about 43 miles ). It will be on your right. It is located within the Monongahela National Forest near the Cranberry Glades ranger station and visitor's center.

Images of Boardwalk:   Falls of Hills Creek

Excellent boardwalk to the
Falls of Hills Creek.

Explore the boardwalks of the
Falls of Hills Creek.
    A good path descended downward toward the lower falls into the steep gorge. The upper falls is the easy falls to get to and it is wheelchair accessible. Part of the path is paved. You will need to go slowly toward the middle falls and lower falls which consists of boardwalks and a lot of stairs. The lower falls is the hardest waterfalls to get to and the best photographic opportunity of the three falls and it is the last waterfalls you will see on the trail.
    The falls are a view like no other waterfalls in the state and the excellent wooden boardwalk is an absolutely amazing boardwalk throughout the Falls of Hills Creek. The boardwalk may become slippery when wet but allow easy navigation through the Falls of Hills Creek natural wonder, with an environment that can only be described as breathtaking. People from all walk of life come to visit.
Beyond the first waterfalls is an rough path that uses wood and metal platform and boardwalks with a lot of stairs to allow access to the middle falls and the lower falls along the steep gorge of Hills Creek.

(Photo courtesy of Billybob/Judy)
Spring 1997 at Falls of Hills Creek

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Discover the remarkable beauty of Hills Creek Falls, Pocahontas County, West Virginia's natural waterfalls
that cascade down the rugged terrain of the Monongahela National Forest.

Where:         The Falls of Hills Creek, West Virginia  
When:          1997  
Photographer:  Judy/Billybob

This page is in no way associated to the Falls of Hills Creek or anyone affiliated to the Falls of Hills Creek area. It is a product of my own efforts and my own creation and personal reflection on the Falls of Hills Creek itself; Thank you Billybob! Copyright 1997/2006 Photographer, Judy/Billybob, Picture of the boardwalks, WV.