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Located in the Yew Mountains,
which are part of the Allegheny Mountains within the Monongahela National Forest in Webster and Pocahontas counties, West Virginia. The Wilderness is bounded on the west by an additional 26,000 acres known as the Cranberry Backcountry. On the east, the Wilderness is bounded by the Highlands Scenic Highway. Elevations range 2,400 at the lowest point to over 4,600 feet on Black Mountain on the Allegheny Crest.

Wilderness Creek
Cranberry Wilderness is 35864 acres and has approximately 50 miles of hiking trails and signs are found only at intersections, maintained for human use only and to provide minimum requirements for safe visitor use and to protect vegetation, soil and water. There are no bridges crossing the hiking trails in the wilderness, hikers must ford the creeks and rivers. Motor vehicles are restricted to roads and parking areas. Mechanical transportation, such as bicycles,wagons, wheelbarrows and carts are prohibited in the Cranberry Wilderness Areas. For the most part you will be alone on the trails so during periods of high water or cold temperatures, crossing creeks and river tributaries may not be advisable. Freezing temperatures can occur any time of the year. Snow can be expected from October through April. Forest Roads are not maintained during the winter. So weather conditions may alter your hiking, fishing or hunting plans; you should be self-sufficient and prepared for all conditions and make sure you tell someone where you're going and when you plan to be back. During hunting seasons, hikers are encouraged to wear high visibility clothing and you should always leave Cranberry Wilderness cleaner than you found it.