Richwoodwww.richwooders.comW. Va.
These Richwood pictures were taken sometime in the early 1920's
McClungs Drug Store, Richwood W. VA.McClungs Drug Store
McClungs Drug Store, Richwood W VA. Early 1920's
Note the chains on the Model T (A?) and you can kind of see snow on the street.
Fruit Store, Richwood W. VA.Fruit StoreRichwood men in a group photo..Richwood men in a group photo.

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I'm Bill Seward. My father was from Richwood. I was having a bit of "missing my Dad" and was surfing the Internet, looking for things about Richwood. On this page the picture captioned "Richwood men in a group photo. Richwood W. VA. ", I believe that the man in the first row, third from the right, is my grandfather, George Ernest "Ern" Seward. He was one of Jeremiah Seward's children. I spent my summers in Richwood as a teenager in the early to mid- 70s. I was back in 2002 with my Dad on our last fishing trip together, and then in 2011 to scatter his and my mother's ashes. I was totally shocked as to what has happened to the town that had so many memories. Richwood has fallen on hard times, and I fear it may never recover. It's sad that it has come to that. However, no one can take away the good memories I have of the place.
Where:         Richwood West Virginia  
When:          Early 1920's
submitted by:  Marti Cagle ( Pictures that a cousin brought over, her husbands grandmother,
Beatrice, was a daughter of Jeremiah Seward of Richwood. They had 13 children.)


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