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       Richwood W Va Main street
Must have been taken in the forties by the look of the cars.
Star Theatre Richwood WV
Submitted by: Betsy Maisel

      The roaring day's of Richwood Town Center was a shopping, dining and entertainment town with the C G Murrhy 5 & 10 Store,Port Said,New Star Theatre,Auditorium Theatre and The Richwood Cafe. More cars and trucks roaring through Main streets of their town each day, the truck in this photo belonged to the Neon Sign Co. W Va. and the popularity of car and trucks remains unchanged through the decades in Richwood.

The Nifty Fifties and the swinging forties Photos.

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In front of the
New Star Theatre
Richwood W. Va.
Star Theater
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In front of the New Star Theatre In front of the Star Theater
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