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This picture of the Star Theater was made in the early '50's

Star Theater
The Nifty Fifties

Star Theater Film
Western Movie Stories - Montana Territory (Technicolor) and The Strawberry Roan
  • The Strawberry Roan was made in 1948 - Gene Autry flick

  • Story about a horse and a young boy who is paralyzed as he is bucked by a wild horse.
  • Montana Territory was made in 1952

  • Young man comes to Montana Territory to start a new life and to clean up the area with killers and thieves
    The Fifties
    In 1954, black and white television became color television. The affect on Star Theater was felt in lower attendance at the theater..
  • Dick Clark's American Bandstand.
  • The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
  • Father Knows Best
  • The Adventures Lassie

  • Drive-in movies became popular for Richwood families and teens in the Fifties and was felt in lower attendance at Star Theater.
    Teenagers fashion skirts and pony tails for girls. The younger men wore the blue jeans and flat tops and crew cuts. Women wore dresses and high heels. Men wore gray flannel trousers and white shirts and for gentlemen during the day wore gray flannel suits.

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