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The CCC camp at Woodbine

The CCC camp at Woodbine
CCC Camp Photo Submitted by: Janet Collins

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The CCC camp at Woodbine during the depression. Young men came here to work.
It played an important part in the West Virginia youth movement
It was also known as Camp Four in a series of logging camps.

CCC Camp Photo Submitted by: Janet Collins

Kay Dilley Nichols wrote:
One of the Florida state parks (which was CCC built) has a really nice CCC museum and annual reunion in Sebring, FL They have a book with every site in the states listed - it is pretty interesting. The building reminds me a great deal of Camp Splinter - guess the plans were pretty much the same all over the country. This may be old information for you but thought I would pass it along just in case. I don't know that they would have any information specific to the two sites in Nicholas County but it can't hurt to ask. I know they have a list of CCC members and they may be able to tell you who if any of them work in WV.

They can be contacted through the state park:
Highlands Hammock State Park
5931 Hammock Road
Sebring, FL 33872
Hope this helps with the search for CCC info.

Kay Dilley Nichols
(Born in 1941 at 84 Front Street, delivered by Dr. Jim McClung. Still get a warm feeling of coming home when we top the hill and start down into town. I have to say that I do miss the smell of coal smoke.)

From: Dulcimerman
A correction for you. Just a minor detail Woodbine is also north of Richwood.
Map showing Woodbine and Richwood

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