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Richwood State Champ Supplier of Marines

Richwood State Champ Supplier of Marines
Once a Marine, Always a Marine (Even in Heaven)Submitted by: Millie Hammonds Stinnett

Many World War II Richwood Soldiers Names

This is a list of the many World War II Richwood Soldiers names from the billboard that stood on the Big Mill property across from the Park Place Esso in the early 40's. A special thanks to Hanna Bennett for copying them from an old Nicholas County Republican Paper.
Zenis Amick, Allen W. Bailes, Herman D.Bennett, Woodrow W. Bell, Cecil R. Bess, Casper Breckenridge, Claude L. Bryant, Sam O. Burkholder, David L. Casto, Chauncy R. Champion, Lloyd G. Collins, Donald H. Copeland, Perry P. Cury, Clifton E. Dennis Jr., Guy R. Dillon, James C. Dobson, Orville Dorsey, Luther Faith, Robert Fidler, David D. Foster, James A Foster, Charles O. Frame, Morris J. Gray, Haven Hemrick, Heber E. Harlow, Walter M. Hicks, Robert G. Hoover, Rosco Hoover, Vestill Hoover, Carl O. Horsey, Jamie D. Huffman, Jessie C. Hughart, Rosco S. Homer, Joe Hughes Jr., Robert W. Hughes, Victor H. Humphries,
William B. Ignatious, Haley L. Johnson, Warren S. Johnson, Charles D. Keenan, Russel Keenan, Claude O. Kinchaid, Gene J. Kncely, John M. Legg, J. Harry Legg, Joseph H. Legg, Theodore N. Legg, Virginia L. Link, Cleon W. Long, Ross E. Marks, Glenn D. Marsh, Tommy C. Mclaughlin, Clyde McClung, Jack McClung, Roy McClung, Gilbert W. Milan, Carl Mourey, Bert J. Moyer, Harley C. Neff, Hazel Nicholas, Willard Nicholson, Arthur B. Norman, R. Dell O’Dell, Destil Phillips, Isaac W. Pritt Jr., Wyatt R. Pratt, James D. Radcliff, Sammy T. Rowan, Donzel R. Rose, Wade Williams Jr.
These are names found on cemetery records. These men are WWII veterans buried in Richwood West Virginia. James E. Adkins, Joseph H Andrik, Loyd B. Bailey, James A. Barber, Romie F. Barnhouse, Estile R. Belcher, Oran G. Bragg, Antone B. Chamberlin, Gideon Chapman, Leonard B. Coe, Hansford S. Coffie, Arnold Comer, Clinton J. Cook, Harry B. Cottrill, Woodrow P. Critz, Bruce W. Cutlip, John D. Hicks, Paul H. Duffy, Curtis A. Trescott, Wallace E. Hefner, Emmet F. Goad, Richard S. Gregory, Lloyd B.Hitt, Glen B. Facemire, Mancil H. Facemire, John W. Husk, Clarence A. Horsey, Gerald C. Friend, Thomas O. Williams, Norman Ernest Slone, John D.Stephenson, Harry E. Stirgill, Samuel J. Awartz, James S.Sweeney, Ronald H. Tinney, George Umber, Arthur P. Undrewood, Willard W. Walkup, Johnny M. Ward, Baron Weese, Charles B. Williams, Donald H. Wilson, Ralph Windle, Nathan H. Young, Woodrow Young, Edward Kenneth Simms, Tracy L. Legg. W.D. Mullins, Collins G. Lloyd, Phillips Destil, Naamon Overbaugh, Edward Overbaugh, Julious Overbaugh, Tobe Overbaugh, Edwin B. Pritt, Lanzy Webb, Dale Lawley, *Bob Smith, Leo Walkup McKinny, H.McKenny, E.O. Walter, T.O. Young, T. A. Young, T. S. Cummings, Wilbert King, Wilber Truman, A. A. Milland, W R. Sears, I. P. Sears, O. N. Hicks, T. E. Link, Ruth Gray, T. E. Sparks, L.L. Sparks, W. E. Elswick, Hanks Sargent, W. Wallace, E.Hefner, Emmett F.Goad, Richard S. Gregory, Lloyd B. Hitt, Glen B. Facemire, Maxcil H. Husk, Gerald C. Friend, Loyd Bailey, Estle R.Belcher, Oran G. Bragg, Harry H. Chapman, Hansford S. Coffie, Jack N. Hess, Cecil Hoover, Grover C. Hoover, Lacy W. Hilton,

Click for Ex-Marine Jerry Webb Hollifield Picture in a Richwood policeman uniform.
In Memoriam William Ignatious Platoon Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps
In Memory of SP4 REX ALLAN BOWYER, Vietnam Veteran
Newspaper clip of Richwood skilled warriors of WWII
157th. Military Police Company
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