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Drum & Bugle Corp Adds City Spirit to the City of Richwood
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Drum Bugle Corps

Drum & Bugle Corp marching on Main Street
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submitted by: Marilyn Seitz
This is a photograph of the Drum and Bugle Corp early 1950's ...Maybe some of the "old timers" would have more info. on the Drum and Bugle Corps.

From: Marilyn Seitz
Subject: Some history on the drum and bugle corps.
Some history on the drum and bugle corps. I was actually one of the majorettes in this band. (last row, the one out of step!) There was a boy's drum and bugle corps in the late 40's-50's which was conducted by Dayton Artrip. At one point he decided that the corps needed some majorettes. A call went out for all local girls to come and try out. It seems like every little girl in town showed up. Out of these, 9 girls were selected......8 for the lines and one head majorette. We marched in parades all over West Virginia and did the Apple Blossom parade every year in Winchester. We must have been good because we won several awards! We twirled with lighted batons as well as normal rubber tipped batons, and I can remember doing a cartwheel every time the drums rolled off! My hands were shot by the end of the parade! I remember one year when Van Johnson, a heart throb of the day was in the reviewing stand at the Apple Blossom Parade. I wanted a good look at him, so I figured if on one of our baton tosses, if I could throw mine up high enough, I could toss my baton, turn my head quickly to get a look at him, and still catch my baton. It didn't work, and the baton landed on my NOSE right in front of the reviewing stand! (However,the pain and humiliation was worth it, I DID get my glimpse of Van!) Our costumes were made by a Mrs. Doddrill (can't remember her first name....I was a kid, so if you were over 20, your first name was MRS.! ) Enjoy! Marilyn

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