RichwoodWest Virginia
These Richwood pics were taken sometime in the early 1900's - 1910's
East Cranberry Street, Richwood W. VA.East Cranberry Street
East Cranberry Street, Richwood W VA. Early 1910's
This is an old picture or postcard of East Cranberry Street in Richwood (Postmark March 1910)....

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Where:         East Cranberry Street, Richwood W VA. 
When:          Early 1910's
submitted by:  Bill Gardner
Justice Hotel, Richwood W. VA.Justice Hotel
Justice Hotel, Richwood W VA. Early 1900's
This is an old picture of The Justice Hotel in Richwood and I would say it is the early nineteen hundreds....

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Where:         Richwood West Virginia 
When:          Early 1900's 
submitted by:  Betsy Maisel

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Richwood was rapidly becoming a boom town with the Dodge clothes pin factory and Cherry River Boom and Lumber with headquarters in Richwood and the Justice Hotel.