The nine-point whitetail buck having a favorable outcome.

Three whitetail does and a fat nine-point buck in the opening and the nine-point whitetail buck was their for "One reason and one reason only" purpose of courtship. Even when the situation seems hopeless, effort often pays off in the end.
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The nine-point Whitetail buck’s rack tell us that the deer is healthy and lives in a good habitat.

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Where:         100 Mile radius of Richwood  
When:          2002  
Photographer:  Roger Buck
Mountain Lion or Cougar, Owl, River Otter, Wild Boar or Feral Pig, Rattlesnake (Timber),Chipmunk,Deer,Bobcats or Lynxes,Buffalo,Red Foxes, Great Egret, Woodchuck or Groundhog, Raccoon,Turkey,Vulture,Squirrels,Yellow Crowned Night Heron,Bald Eagles,Ringtail Cat,Cardinals

Picture taken
100 Mile radius of Richwood

Copyright © 2003 Photographer, Roger Buck, Picture currently thirty nine picture of 54 pictures of live deer
Richwood, West Virginia