A Ten Pont Whitetail Buck with a handsome rack.

Whitetail buck and every once in a while, some does will get a hornlike, bony, deciduous growths, usually elongated and branched, on the head. Whtietail antler growth usually begins during the month of March or April, and at the end of winter, the whitetail sheds the antlers one after the other. Some heavy-horned bucks get unbelievable antlers, some are incredible typical buck and many get a large number of Boone and Crockett points, these are your big world record trophy whitetails.
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The Whitetail Deer
A pair of 10 point antlers.

I heard this story from the old man who was really my great-uncle and here is the scuttle butt or rumor that I have been told of a rack with 42 tines and a basic circumference of six inches with outside spread of about 27 inches. The story seemed to be too unbelievable for even me, so if the story was true, the whitetail would have been an incredible buck.

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Where:         100 Mile radius of Richwood  
When:          2002  
Photographer:  Roger Buck  
Mountain Lion or Cougar, Owl, River Otter, Wild Boar or Feral Pig, Rattlesnake (Timber),Chipmunk,Deer,Bobcats or Lynxes,Buffalo,Red Foxes, Great Egret, Woodchuck or Groundhog, Raccoon,Turkey,Vulture,Squirrels,Yellow Crowned Night Heron,Bald Eagles,Ringtail Cat,Cardinals

Picture taken
100 Mile radius of Richwood

Copyright 2003 Photographer, Roger Buck, Picture currently forth-nine picture of 54 pictures of live deer
Richwood, West Virginia