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Welcome to Aunt Rosa Page!
Rosa Chaffin and Don Chaffin early 40sJosie L. Chaffin 1948, 8 years old
Irene, Harold, Rosa,and Josie Chaffin, 1943Frank Chaffin, wife, and Josie - Fenwick - 1943John Chaffin and 3rd_wife Ellen, 1923 - 1927
I am attaching some pictures that I received from my Aunt Rosa, her and my mother Josie Chaffin both grew up in Richwood. My Grandma Lillie Hannah raise my mom, Grandma was a wonderful lady. My Aunt Rosa was raised by the Richardsonís. I guess times were different back then.
I tried to label them with what was in the pictures. I have others that my mother has given me that I will scan and send in to everyone.
Everyone have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.
Alicia Rodgers

Irene Chaffin - Fenwick Elementary Grade School second and third grades, 1956 - 1957
Richwood Click for Virginia

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