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Catherine Elizabeth Hart   
She is the Sister of Nancy Hart!
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NameLifespanWhere Born
Catherine Elizabeth Hart    (Confederate Spy Nancy Hart's Sister)
Mother:     Mary Plumley   born abt:1812
Father:      Stephen Hart  born: 1810
1849 - 1942
VA (W.Va.)
Additional Notes
Given Name:   Catherine Elizabeth (sometimes spelled Catharine, Katherine or Katharine)
Surname:         Hart
Sex:                Female
Spouse:           We know she married a John Haley and was a widow at the age 30, 2nd married George Ferrell (married 1880) and 3rd married John Booth.  


NameBirth DateTown or CityCountyState
Margaret  ----     


Nov. 16, 2008 4:44 AM
Submitted by: Harold Nicholson

I have been told that my great, great grandfather George Ferrell (married 1880) had one spouse named Catherine Hart, she was a widow when he married her, (her husband's kidnap and murder, un-specified bandits blamed for the murder) born on March 10th, 1849 in Boone County, West Virginia and a child named Margaret. Her grandmother a hundred percent Cherokee Indian Elizabeth Catherine Sizemore and my great, great grandmother Catherine looks just like her grandmother. Her father was Stephen Hart, and he was born in 1810 Wake Co. NC. Her mother Mary Plumley was born in VA/WV in 1812. Some family member has said that she was an orphan and that she was Cherokee Indian but didnít find prove of this. Her brother James Hart killed at Cloyds Mountain May 9, 1864. and her sister Nancy Hart was a Confederate scout, guide and spy in the Civil War and she was hang (Nov., 1862,) Catherine and her spouse homesteaded in Trout Valley or Friars, Greenbrier, West Virginia. The information given by her daughter to my mother from Catherine bible 1922. Than from her own memory of Catherine. I would appreciate any information on Catherine.

Remark Nellie Bell:
At the time of writing this remark, I seem to have hit a brick wall with Catherine Hart at the moment. There is actually very little evidence to suggest that Catherine Hart was in fact 100% Cherokee, she was part Cherokee, and her grandfather married a southern Appalachians Cherokee. In those days intermarriage was not uncommon with the Cherokee. We found "no credible evidence" that she married George Ferrell but it is quite possible that she did, some of her family descendents had connection her with the Ferrell name. I would appreciate any credible information or source that link Catherine Hart with the Ferrell family that anyone could give me.
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Note: Catherine (sometimes spelled Catharine, Katherine or Katharine)

Katherine and John Haley mid 1860s
Katherine and John Haley mid 1860s
Picture of Catherine Hart and husband John Haley in Roane County, taken from a tintype photo left me by my father, Chester Burdette, a great-grand son of Catherine and John. Taken in mid 1860s since John died shortly after.
Submitted: Paul Robinson
Catherine Elizabeth Hart
Catherine Elizabeth Hart

Researcher:   Nellie Bell

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