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Dolliver Hart   
Daughter of Stephen Hart and Mary Plumley!>
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NameLifespanWhere Born
Dolliver Hart   (Confederate Spy Nancy Hart's Sister)

Mother:    Mary Plumley
Father:      Stephen Hart
1851 /  

Va. / W. Va.

Additional Notes
Dolliver Hart
Dolliver Hart married

Given Name:   Dolliver
Surname:         Hart
Sex:                Female


NameBirth / DiedTown or CityCountyState
----abt. ---- / --------
----abt. ---- / --------
Dolliver Hart
Dolliver Hart

  I don't know Dolliver A. married name at this time....... I don't know if Dolliver A. name is spelled correctly as I have seen it on the 1860 census report as Doliver and on the 1970 Roane census report as Dolvier.


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