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Kelly Hart   
He is the Brother of Nancy Hart!
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NameLifespanWhere Born
Kelly Hart    (Confederate Spy Nancy Hart's Brother)
                                     Mother:      Mary Plumley   born abt:1812
                                     Father:        Stephen Hart  born: 1810
1844 - 1913
VA (W.Va.)
Additional Notes
Spouse:     Sarah Haley  1848 / 1910 VA(WV)
He married:     May 26, 1867 and they had eight children.
Given Name:   Kelly
Surname:         Hart
Sex:                Male
Death:             9, Oct. 1913


NameBirth DateTown or CityCountyState
Martha Ann Hart 1868 / 1955 Spencer Roane County W. Va.  (Daughter)
Sophronia D HART 1870 / 1944 Spencer  Roane, County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Mary E HART 1873 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Casandra HART 1875 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Samuel Lruzla Hart 1877 / 1935 Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Son)
Ida F. HART 1880 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Sanford T. Hart 1882 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Son)
Elvilda S. Hart 1883 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Daughter)


To: Kimberly Clear
Subject: Re: Nancy Hart of Roane Co...looking for info. on her neice
Date: Jul 3, 2008 7:14 AM
Hi Kim
   Thanks for your information regarding Nancy.
I reviewed my original database and according to my database and your info., I think as you do that she was born in Roane Co. WV. Sorry for the mis-information. I will correct it in my next batch of corrections.
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From: Kimberly Clear
Sent: Jun 23, 2008 3:09 PM
Subject: Re: Nancy Hart of Roane Co...looking for info. on her neice
Hi Nellie Bell,
   I do have another question about Sophronia Hart. On your website, all the children of Kelly Hart are born in WV, but she is listed as being born in Ohio. On her marriage record to James Harmon Thompson she is listed as being born in Roane Co, WV. I was wondering if there was some kind of mix up?
Samuel L Hart
Samuel L Hart

Saffrane A Hart
Saffrane A Hart

Mary E Hart
Mary E Hart

Casandra Hart
Casandra Hart

Felicia Hart
Felicia Hart

Martha A Hart
Martha A Hart

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