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Before 1855 Wise county and Buchanan County was part of Russell County

Logan County was created by an act of the Virginia Assembly on January 12, 1824, from parts of Cabell, Giles, Kanawha and Tazewell counties.

Russell County probably contains mostly English,German,Irish,Scotch ancestry.

Some Virginia Counties
Some Virginia CountiesStephen Hart struggled to make a living from a plot of land located in north central Logan county VA. and on March 11, 1847 his little farm was a part of Boone was formed from an act of the Virginia General Assembly, from the counties of Cabell, Kanawha, and Logan.

ROANE COUNTY, formed in 1856 from Kanawha, Jackson, and Gilmer Counties

But by 1858 Russell County had been reduced to present size of about 480 sq. mi.
After Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, eleven states left the Union and proclaimed themselves an independent nation, the Confederate States of America: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The American Civil War had begun.

In 1861, Virginians in the northwestern part of the state defied Virginia's secession from the United States. The region chose to remain in the Union and form a new state. West Virginia was admitted as the 35th state into the Union in 1863. The state motto is "Mountaineers are always free", and West Virginia lives up to its nickname of the "Mountain State".
West Virginia Counties Map
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