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William Hart   
He is the Brother of Nancy Hart!
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NameLifespanWhere Born
William Hart    (Confederate Spy Nancy Hart's Brother)
Mother:     Mary Plumley   born abt:1812
Father:      Stephen Hart  born: 1810
1840 - 1853
VA (W.Va.)
Additional Notes
Given Name:   William
Surname:         Hart
Sex:                Male
Death:             1853 - Drowned While saving Nancy Hart age 7 from a bear


NameBirth DateTown or CityCountyState
No Children  ----     


Among towering trees of the Little Kanawha River and William cool thinking saved Nancy from the bear attack but William and the bear is believed to have drowned in the West Fork Little Kanawha River, which rises in southern Calhoun County and flows northwestwardly along the boundary of Roane County to the Wirt County community of Creston after fleeing a black bear with two cubs after heavy thunderstorms turn the Little Kanawha into a raging torrent. The river was the highway into and out of the area. It was used by the Native American during their sojourn here, and by the early settlers who established homesteads in this region. They never found his body but his spirit is out there on the West Fork Little Kanawha River. Asked the old timers from the community of Creston about William Hart and the ghost of the West Fork Little Kanawha River.
After prolonged rains or heavy thunderstorms often turn the Little Kanawha into a raging torrent, resulting in loss of life one can sometime hear the echo of William voice, some say his spirit is out there looking for his young sister Nancy and voices of the red men from another time, Nancy have been told by a wise old Indian that William is really their spirit guide on the river.

Carolyn Harley
Wood Co WV

When I was young my mother who is from Tennessee and my father from West Virginia took me to a story telling festival in Jonesborough TN, the man said a old timer in Creston West Virginia would tell anybody who listen, many story about Nancy Hart family and the spy girl at Annamoriah Run Calhoun County, WV ..... I recall that story about Nancy and William.

Denise Miller
New York
William Hart
William Hart

Researcher:   Nellie Bell

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