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Location of Nancy Hartís Grave

Nancy Hart's grave site is located at Manning Knob Cemetery also known as Nancy Hart Cemetery. The location of Nancy Hart Grave Site is in remote areas of Greenbrier County and The Monongahela National Forest and best approached through the town of Richwood WV.
Driving directions from Richwood, head northeast on W Main Street/WV-150/WV-39/WV-55 toward Oakford Avenue 1/2 mile, Turn right at Oakford Avenue 0.2 mile, Turn right at Maple Street Approx 430 feet, Slight left at Greenbrier Road 1.6 miles, Continue on Country Hwy 39/1 several miles to Mannings Knob, Follow the direction of the sign until you reach the grave.
When:                Photo Taken Summer of 2008 
Photographer:        Tom Stanley  
Photo submitted by:  Tom Stanley 

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