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Thomas Rigsby & Mary Jane Spence Rigsby

     My name is DeeDee Thomas and my mother, Betty McCroskey, grew up in Richwood. I will be in Richwood next week visiting my Mam-ma, and intend on going through her old photos. I had seen where someone had requested a picture of the Main Street Cafe, and I intend to find one for the site. My Mam-ma has thousands of pictures, so I'll grab as many good ones as I can, have the scanned, and send them to you. You can select which ones you'd like to put out for viewing.
     Although I grew up in Charleston, I spent a great deal of time in Richwood throughout my childhood and have SO many happy memories there.Every time I come up there, I truly feel as though I have these huge arms around me just welcoming me home. As corny as that may sound, it resonates in truth and compassion.
     Here's a picture of my Mom and Mam-ma a couple of years ago with my son, Cameron.

Thanks! DeeDee Thomas

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Where:          Richwood West Virginia  
When:           6-5-2007  
Submitted by:   DeeDee Thomas 

Richwood,Nicholas County,WV., 26261

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