Captain Armstrong's Residence

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 Could it be Henry W. Armstrong home
Captain Armstrong house
Submitted by: Betsy Maisel
      Captain Armstrong's Residence, Richwood West Virginia
     It is a very old postcard and it stated that it is the residence of Capt. Armstrong...If anyone has any information as to who the Captain Armstrong was that built it or lived there I would love to hear about them.
Could it be Henry W. Armstrong home, superintendent of the Cherry River Boom & Lumber Company in the 1900's.

(1) Wasn't the home in the picture, that you say belonged to Armstrong, the home of Charlie Badgett?
From: Lynn B
Date: Oct 15, 2009 12:54 AM
Perhaps later in time Badgett lived in this house, but it stated that it is the residence of Capt. Armstrong.

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