Cherry River Paper Mill 1915 postcard

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 They closed the Paper Mill in Richwood, WV. Early 1940's
Cherry River Pulp & Paper Co's Mill Richwood  West Virginia.
Submitted by: Renay Brown
      In the early 1940's the Richwood paper mill moved from Richwood West Virginia to Plymouth, Washington County, North Carolina 27962, several of the mill workers migrated with the mill and lived in a small village named little Richwood Village which is still there today.
      The paper mill closed because the pulp supply in the vicinity of Richwood has been exhausted and for a long time it had been necessary to import pulp to keep the paper plant operating and it has about 500 employees. This is an old postcard of the Richwood Cherry River Pulp and Paper Company Mill, Richwood, West Virginia 1915

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Paper Mill
Richwood Village
Richwood,West Virginia - Paper Mill Ruins
Cherry River Pulp & Paper Co's Mill
Bird Eye View of Cherry River Paper Mill

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