Cherry River Boom & Lumber Company Store

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 Cherry River Boom & Lumber Company early photo
Cherry River Boom & Lumber Company, Richwood, West Virginia
Submitted by: Diane Fisher Egelston
      I do a lot of genealogy and found a postcard in my files of the above. The date is not identified, nor is the cancellation of the stamp, but it is a 1 cent stamp! It is addressed to Miss Eulah Evans of Heaters, WV. Eulah was born in 1891. She married Iverson Winifred Crities in 1925 and always lived in Weston so the post card is probably the early 20ís. The picture is too small to identify any of the men. Thought you would enjoy the picture.
Diane Fisher Egelston

  • The most important company in 1907, Cherry River Boom & Lumber Company having about 1,650 employees in the Early Twenty-First Century.
  • Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company was one of the world's largest sawmills in the Early Twenty-First Century.
  • The company store was one of the largest institutions of its kind in West Virginia.

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    Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company at Richwood, West Virginia: Mills in Richwood, Gauley Mills, and Holcomb, West Virginia

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