Dodge Clothespin Factory 1910

Richwoodwww.richwooders.comWest Virginia
Largest clothespin factory in the world!


The Dodge Clothespin Factory, those of us born in the 1940's remember it as the Wallace Corporation Plant.Remember it as the Wallace Corporation Plant.
This is a postcard of the Richwood Dodge Clothespin factory, 1910

The Dodge's Clothes Pin factory established by Alfred Wallace Dodge also established factories at Coudersport, Pennsylvania and Lincoln, New Hampshire, it became the Steele-Wallace Corporation of St. Louis in 1915. In 1921, it was sold to a New England firm.
Behind the pin factory is the former Georgia Pacific sawmill which sold to the Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company.

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Clothes Pin Factory in Richwood!
A girl necklace with painted clothespins!
Wallace Corporation Plant.
View of Richwood Clothes Pen factory from the air.
The Cherry River Boom & Lumber Co

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Where:          Clothespin Factory, Richwood West Virginia
When:           1910
Submitted by:   Renay Brown

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Richwoodwww.richwooders.comWest Virginia
In 1900 the Dodge Clothespin Company built the largest clothespin factory in the world at Richwood.
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