Bato Crites
King of the Ramps, raising a stink in America is easy with ramps or Wild Leeks from West Virginia. W. Va.
Bato Crites
Feast of the RamsonFeast of the Ramson

Bato Crites Ramp King

Bato Crites was very well known as “Ramp King,” of Nicholas County WV. and in the Appalachian Mountains and valleys of West Virginia during those early days of ramp feasts. He too might have been forgotten like other Richwooders except for two things: his nickname “Ramp King” and the remarkable ramps or wild leeks of West Virginia.
Bato Crites said there were nothing like ramp to flavor a dish and guess what; fancy New York, NY chefs have called themselves "Ramp Eaters" and use ramps in their expensive fancy dishes.

From Richwooders Guestbook

(#946)   Reply to Kay Godfrey Combs #940. I graduated from RHS in 1958, and worked at the Northern Hotel. I used to observe Bato Crites loafing on Oakford Ave. as I walked to and from school. He was an interesting character who chewed snuff, whittled wood, and dug ramps in spring. He lived on one of the ridges above Richwood. Once he told me he was the meanest man on earth. He said "Where I come from the dogs are so scared of me that they won't come out at night".
Jim Wiblin <jimwiblin @>
Newark, OH. USA - Monday, May 25, 2009 at 22:52:49 (CDT)
(#940)    I use to hear my blanks talk about Bato Crites. What is the story on him?
Kay Godfrey Combs <kcombs @>
Stephens City, va USA - Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 14:35:26 (CDT)
(#935)    Antoinette Hewlett: Richwood does have a 'ramp festival,' but I'm not sure when it is. I was born in Richwood and do remember hearing about the ramps and there was a man they called 'Bato Crites," who carried a bag of them on his back and dug for ramps quite often. I remember seeing him. My grandmother wouldn't cook the ramps because of the strong odor, so I never ate or smelled them. Also, I believe Jim Comstock who owned the "Newsleader" was the one who added the ramp juice to the ink for the Newsletter. That was quite an event when that happened!
Judy Hicks Peters <MsReddra55 @>
Scott Depot, WV USA - Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 23:09:11 (CDT)

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Bato Crites - King of the ramps - (Best ramp digger and seller of all time).

Raising a stink is easy with ramps or Wild Leek from West Virginia.
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