RHS Class of 1964
The 45th Reunion
Here are some photos from the reunion events Friday and Saturday night.
The Richwood High School Class of 1964 45th reunion was held at Cherry Hill Country Club on Friday night July 31st at 6 pm. and Saturday night, August 1st at 6 pm featured a "meet and greet" session for renewing memories while the Saturday schedule was more formal with a buffet dinner with music, and class pictures.
Bill McSpaddenBill IgnatiousCheerleaders of RHS Class of  64's Dona Collins, Pam Gilmore and Nancy GwinnDavid WilliamsonDavid WillsDelford Chaffin and Larry MarshallPatty Hayhurst and Jacklyn Yvonne Barker
Jorene Ratcliff and Patty HayhurstDona Collins, Pam Gilmore, Nancy Gwinn and Mary WhiteStashia PostekDoug BeverageDanny BarnettJackie Barker and Sammie DepughThe Leivasy gang, Mary White, Thomas Carr and Shirley Ruckman
Jim CampbellSteve Mllroy and Larry BarkerJudith King and Judy TuckwillerJoe ButlerSam Lloyd GwinnRoger MyersKaren Rogers
Duke Cowell and Carole ShouldersRobert CofferyFrances Meckes and Sammie DepughJohn McClungSheila SimmonsBlair Taylor and Christine TaylorJanet Bever and Charlie Bever
Carol Sue O'DellDona Collins and Jim CampbellBarbara Taylor and Barbara CollinsThe 45th Reunion has come and gone.MR. WILBERT D. MICK - PRINCIPALThe GirlsJudy King, John Mc Clung and Linda
Danny Barnett and Billy Ignatious - Tannery BoysHensley Sisters - Carolyn and JudyFrank Dawson Class of '65Meet and Greet!Cherry Hill Country club!
Many thanks to Dona for making it happen with all her helpers Frances Meckes Adams, Joe and Glenna Butler, Jim Campbell and Patty Hayhurst Clemens for all their hard work in making the 2009 reunion such a success!! It was good to see you all--it was a great class and I was lucky to be a part of it. Stay well, all of you, and see you at the 50th.

Date: Jun 14, 2010 11:09 AM
I was looking at the RHS class of ’64 photos and see there is one classmate that was unable to be identified. I think it is Kenny Lane. Also, enjoyed reading several entries on the Richwooders website from names that I recognized. Keep up the good work.
Was unable to be at the reunion, but hope to make the 50th!!!! All is well in SE North Carolina.
John Hudkins ‘64

In memory of our Classmates

To each reunion we are saddened
To hear that some more of our
Classmates have passed away.

None of us are getting any younger
and can thank God that we can
meet once again to renew our
old friendships and exchange
Stories of our lives at this 45th
Reunion of the Class of 1964.
Let us not forget our fellow Classmates

Who have gone to their final reunion
With their God
In memory of our Classmates
In memory of our Classmates
The Final Roll Call
Alderman, William
Armstrong, Roby
Bennett, Lionel
Bennett, Lora (Sutton)
Boggs, Brenda (Johnson)
Boggs, Sharon (Greathouse)
Cornell, Donald
David, Frankie
Davis, Phyllis (Gardner)
Hess, Loyce (Cranfield)
Ingle, David
Jarvis, Paul "Jr"
Lester, Glen
Lynch, Marlin
McMillion, Mary Jane
Meadows, Charles
Miller, Becky (Arnold)
Mullens, Priscilla Ann (Thomas)
Mullins, James
Murphy, James
Rose, Margaret (Beckett)
Sandy, Steve
Skidmore, Anna Bell
Spencer, Roger Lee
Taylor, Rodney
Tuckwiller, Jack
Ward, Alvin
William, Jo Anna (Spencer)
Wolverton, Sheila (Quick)
Young, Noretta (O’Dell)
James R. Talbert

"40ish" Reunion
40ish Reunion (Class of 64)!
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The 45th Reunion has come and gone.
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If anybody know the names of the others classmates or errors on the student list or the class picture above, please let us know.
Class of '64
202 Students
  • John Viering Adams
  • Alice Ann Alderman
  • William Alderman
  • Guy K, Amick
  • Sharon Amick
  • Vester Arbogast
  • Roby Armstrong
  • J.C. Barber
  • Marie Frances Bailey
  • Jacklyn Yvonne Barker
  • Larry Barker
  • Danny Barnett
  • John Michael Beal
  • Douglas Alan Beverage
  • Lionel James Bennett
  • James Allen Bess
  • Lora Elaine Bennett
  • Janet Arretta Bever
  • Doug Blake
  • Charle Boggs
  • Vivan Lois Boggs
  • Rush Glen Bragg
  • Sharon Kay Boggs
  • Carol Sue Bragg
  • Sherra Marie Brewster
  • Reva Brown
  • Shirley Boone
  • Thurman C. Boyce
  • Larry E. Brown
  • Karen Dorothy Brown
  • Robert Allen Brown
  • James Edward Bunting
  • Annis Lea Burton
  • Danny Butcher
  • Joe Butler
  • Brenda Kay Casto
  • Isora Mae Casto
  • James Edward Campbell
  • Thomas E. Carr
  • Delford F.Chaffin
  • Lester Keith Channell
  • Robert Coffey
  • Clayton Dwayne Cowell
  • Donald Cornell
  • Barbara Jeanne Collins
  • Frederick S.Cutlip
  • Enola Crowder
  • Helen Crews
  • Dona Ellen Collins
  • Jo Ann Combs
  • Franklin Oscar Davis
  • Phyllis Ann Davis
  • Cynthia Ann Deitz
    (Class of '64 Secretary)
  • Donna Doss
  • Mary Lea Dooley
  • Ralph Dick
  • Blenda Sue Dearing
  • Betty Jo Donaldson
  • Sharon Fields
  • Clayburn Fields
  • Margaret Janet Flowler
  • Carol Maxine Fisher
  • Pattie Ann Gibson
  • Pamela Jane Gilmore
  • Donna Deree Gregory
  • Patton Green
  • Carroll Green
  • Sandra Sue Griffith
  • LLoyd H. Gwinn
  • Nancy Gwinn
  • Vernon Ray Hamner
  • Mary K.Hamon
  • Marlene Frances Hanna
  • Patrick Hanna
  • Patricia Ann Hayhurst
  • Alan D. Henderson
  • Loyce Hess
  • Henrietta Hinkle
  • Gerald Holder
  • Donald Holmes
  • John Leland Hudkins
  • Howard L. Hurd
  • Billy Ignatious
  • David Ingle
  • Buster R. Jarvis
  • Paul Junior Jarvis
  • Betty Jones
  • Wanda Jones
  • Bivens Judy
  • Linda Sue Kanode
  • Robert Kelley
  • Charles Kenna
  • Judith F. King
  • Kenneth Wayne King
  • Naomi Ruth King
  • Kennith Lane
  • Glen Edward Lester
  • Denzil Losch
  • Robert James Lowe
  • Marlin Lynch
  • Jimmie Markum
  • Larry Allen Marshall
  • Linda Martin
  • Vernon Lee Martin
  • Eddie Nelson Massey
  • William Mattison
  • Emily Mazzella
  • Charles M. McClung
  • John McClung
  • Margaret McClung
    ( Vice President )
  • Paul Wayne McClure
  • Daniel McCoy
  • Dathen Mullins McCracken
  • Johnny McKinney
  • Mary Jane McMillion
  • Sandra Faya McMillion
  • Charles William McSpaddens
  • Frances Ann Meckes
  • Charles O'Dell Meadows
  • Judy Milam
  • Steve Milroy
    ( Representative )
  • Rebecca Miller
  • Sue Ann Miller
  • Doming Mitchael
  • Robert Ray Moul
  • Charlotte Sue Mullens
  • Elden Mullens
  • Karen Sue Mullens
  • Delmas Lee Mullins
  • Gary Neil Mullins
  • Norma Jean Mullins
  • Priscilla Anthonette Mullins
  • Doris Ellen Murphy
  • James O. Murphy
  • Roger Dale Myers
  • Wesley Ray Nesselrotte
  • William Eugene Nicholas
  • John Cea Nicely
  • James Howard Nichols
  • Carol Sue O'Dell
  • Edwin Gale O'Dell
  • Jean Ann O'Dell
  • Roger O'Dell
  • Wanda Lee O'Dell
  • Judy Sue Osborne
  • Maxine Perkins
  • Janet Perrine
  • Larry J. Perrine
  • Wilburn Phillips
  • Stashia Postek
  • Joerene Mildred Radcliff
  • Jerry Rogers
  • Karen Frances Rogers
  • Margaret Rose
  • Douglas Rudd
  • Daniel L. Russell
  • Sandra Russell
  • Shirley Ruckman
  • Steve Sandy
  • Larry R. Seabolt
  • Margaret Seabolt
  • Walter Joseph Seabolt
  • Robert Sharp
  • Arlana Kay Shaver
  • Arlena Rae Shaver
  • Loretta Siers
  • Sharon Simmons
  • Sheila Simmons
  • Carole Shoulders
  • Douglas Vean Spencer
  • Roger Lee Spencer
  • Yvonne Margaret Spencer
  • Donald L. Smith
  • Clayton Strader
  • Janet Swartz
  • James R. Talbert
  • Barbara Ellen Taylor
  • Blair Taylor (President)
  • Rodney Taylor
  • Christine Elizabeth Taylor
  • Janet Tenney
  • Sue Trout
  • Jack K. Tuckwiller
  • Judy Tuckwiller
  • Jean Tyree
  • Shella K. Vance
  • Alvin H. Ward
  • Lonnie Ward
  • Randy Ward
  • Suzanne Joy Ward
  • Mary White
  • Gloria Williams
  • Joanna Williams
  • David Williamson
  • David McKenzie Wills
    ( Treasurer )
  • Sandra Wilson
  • James Woods
  • Brenda Workman
  • Linda Workman
  • Linda Rae Wyatt
  • Eskel Young
  • Noretta Young
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