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Cherry River Festival (2005)
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3 Public Schools in Richwood W, Va. 26261
School NameGradesAddressPhoneCounty
Cherry River Elementary SchoolPreK - Grade 6190 Riverside Drive304-846-6646Nicholas
Richwood High SchoolGrade 10 - Grade 121 Valley Ave304-846-2591Nicholas
Richwood Junior High SchoolGrade 7 - Grade 92 Valley Ave304-846-2638Nicholas
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Famous West VirginiansNancy Hart
Pearl S. Buck
Nancy Hanks
Jim Comstock
Ignatius Brennan
Patrick Kenny
famous West Virginians Nancy Hart
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Famous West VirginiansJohn Corbett
famous West Virginians John Corbett
famous West Virginians John Corbett
Famous West VirginiansBrad Dourif
famous West Virginians Brad Dourif
famous West Virginians Brad Dourif
Famous West VirginiansDon Knotts
famous West Virginians Don Knotts
famous West Virginians Don Knotts
Famous West VirginiansKathy Mattea
famous West Virginians Kathy Mattea
famous West Virginians Kathy Mattea
Famous West VirginiansMary Lou Retton
famous West Virginians Mary Lou Retton
famous West Virginians Mary Lou Retton
Famous West VirginiansDavid Selby
famous West Virginians David Selby
famous West Virginians David Selby
Famous West VirginiansChuck Veager
famous West Virginians Chuck Veager
famous West Virginians Chuck Veager
 Nurses 1911 -1933
41 Registered Nurses, Richwood W. Va.41 Registered Nurses
41 Registered Nurses, Richwood W. Va.
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Facts about Richwood

Richwood WV, Statistics
True Facts - RICHWOOD, WV
ZIP Code: 26261
State Code: WV
Time Zone: EASTERN
Latitude: 38.2
Longitude: 80.5
Richwood, WV (Home of Richwooders)
Richwood,West Virginia

  • Ramp capital (USA) Richwood West Virginia
  • Median Family Income by the 2000 census $17,366
  • The average January temperature for Richwood is from 23.0 degrees to 32.1 degrees (farenheit)
  • The average July temperature for Richwood is from 75.1 degrees to 85.7 degrees (farenheit)
  • Telephone code for Richwood (304)
  • Rudolph Falls (Richwood old swimming hole)
  • Population, City of Richwood
    2019 = 2,127
    2005 = 2,369
    2000 = 2,549
    1990 = 2,808

Facts about Nicholas County

  • The Summersville Dam, second-largest earthern dam east of the Mississippi River.
  • Year 2019: Nicholas County, Population,    24,496
  • Year 2005: Nicholas County, Population,    26,464
  • Year 2000: Nicholas County, Population,    26,562
  • Year 1990: Nicholas County, Population,    26,775
  • Population 65 years old and over,            3,974
  • Year 2000: Persons under 18 years old,   6,188
  • 1997 Births,   257
  • 1997 Deaths,  268
  • The Average annual precipitation, 42.53"

Facts about West Virginia

West Virginia - nestled in the Appalachian Mountains
is the only state that lies completely within the Mountains and valleys of the Appalachian region.

West Virginia Mountaineers Congratulations
  West Virginia Mountaineers wins the 2006 Sugar Bowl Championship .
West Virginia Mountaineers beat the University of Georgia Bulldogs 38 to 35 to win the 2006 Sugar Bowl Championship.

West Virginia  ( Mountain State )

West Virginia was proclaimed a state in June 20th. 1863.

"West Virginia Day" became a legal holiday in 1927.

State Electoral College Votes  Five

Land Area: 24,078 sq. miles

Abbreviation Postal code:   (W.Va. and WV: )

Lowest Point: Potomac River 240 feet (Jefferson County).
Highest Point: Spruce Knob, 4,861 ft. (Pendleton County).

State Nickname:  ( Mountain State )

Capital City:        ( Charleston )

Largest City:        ( Charleston ) with 32 square miles.

State Motto:    Montani Semper Liberi
                             (Mountaineers Are Always Free).

State Soil:     Monongahela Silt Loam
                            The official soil adopted by concurrent
                             resolution in 1997.

State Gem:     Mississippian Fossil Coral,
                            The Mississippian Fossil Coral, Lithostrotionella, was designated West Virginia’s official state gem in 1990 and is found in Greenbrier and Pocahontas counties of West Virginia.

State Colors:   The two color Old Gold and Blue 

 State Flag

The flag of West Virginia consists of the State's coat of arms on a pure white field with a dark blue border.

 West Virginia State
         Black Bear

Black Bears Web-site

 West Virginia State

Cardinals Web-site

 State Seal

 Official state insect: The Honeybee (Apis Mellifera) became West Virginia’s official state insect in 2002. 

 State Flower:      Rhododendron

  • Rhododendron (Rhododendron Maximum)West Virginia official state flower.

  • Wild Rhododendron - Spring Blossoms Picture

     State Butterfly:

  • West Virginia official state Butterfly.
  •  The monarch needs no camouflage because it takes in toxins from the milkweed and is poisonous to predators.

     State Fish:
         Brook Trout(Salvelinus fontinalis)
  •  The Brook Trout, a native trout of West Virginia found in many small, cold, West Virginia streams and sometime called speckled trout.

  • State Tree:

    The Sugar Maple,
    Acer saccharum

  • West Virginia State Tree,
    is one of the largest and more important of the hardwoods.
  • Monongahela National Forest - Fall Colors

     State Fruit: Golden Delicious Apple.


  • West Virginia, is bordered by Pennsylvania and Maryland on the North, Virginia (East and South), and Kentucky and Ohio on the West.
  • West Virginia Map

    West Virginia Songs:
    By (1) Iris Bell: (This is My West Virginia)
    (2) Ellen King and H. E. Engle (The West Virginia Hills)
    (3) Julian G. Hearne, Jr. (West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home)

    Facts! What Ex-Richwooders Are Saying About Richwood WV

  • I'm a Formerly Richwooder who was born and lived my early years in Richwood WV. The town will always have a special place in my heart.
  • I do miss the tranquility of the woods and streams. Home is where the heart is and Richwood WV happens to be the home of good down to earth loving people
  • I Live in Philadelphia ( Formerly Richwooder ) will go back one of these day just to reminiscence past experiences .... memories can never be taken away from you. There are wonderful and friendly people in Richwood WV
  • Richwood WV is one of the prettiest places on earth in the fall, those mountains ablaze with color.
  • In the 50's we used to spend our times after school sleigh riding until we were half frozen! Richwood WV was all decorated with Christmas lights and the stores were filled with shoppers. It was a wonderful and memorable time in any Richwooders life.
  • The Town of Richwood WV, you sure raised a lot of children and they are wonderful!!!! Life is what you make it and those Richwooders from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's sure knew how to live it to the fullest.
  • I lived there for 18 years and loved every day. Always will have a special place in my heart for Richwood WV.. Its a great little town where everyone knows everyone. I wouldn't change it for anything!
  • Not a day goes by that I don't think about Richwood W. Va. and I can't wait for the spring when the trout are biting on the Cherry and Cranberry rivers and Summit Lake.
  • Richwood WV gave Richwooders a sense of pride where they came from and a love for family & country. Today former Richwooders are very thankful to have grown up in a town that truly knew and still knows the meaning of patriotism.
  • This weekend, as I see the turning of the leaves, the harvest of the crops, and families enjoying nature in so many ways together, I realized that Richwood WV was the place for me.
  • The best place to live is right here, and there is no place quite like Richwood WV with its turning of the seasons, and it's promises of something new four times a year.
  • The greatest places are sometimes, the things that are the closest to you.
  • Thank God for giving us the opportunity to be born in the most wonderful City in the Nation (Richwood WV ) is heaven on earth.
  • The Best and Most Beautiful Cities and Towns must be felt with the Heart. The one that I knows about is Richwood

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    US Population by the Census Bureau
    U.S. Population in 1915 (100 million) in 1967 ( 200 million)
    7:46 AM EDT Tueseay October 17, 2006
    One birth every ------------------------------------ 7 seconds
    One death every ---------------------------------- 13 seconds
    One international migrant (net) every -------------- 31 seconds
    Net gain of one person every ---------------------- 11 seconds

    World Population Estimate


    U.S. Population Estimate


    7:46 AM EDT Tueseay Oct 17, 2006

    Richwood Population


    World Population Estimate


    U.S. Population Estimate


    7:52 PM EDT Wed. Feb.10, 2021

    Richwood Population


    Current World Population
    U.S. and World Population Clock


    Interesting statistics about Richwood, Nicholas County, West Virginia, U.S. and World Population..

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