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Clothes Pin Factory in Richwood!


Richwood Pin Factory, West Virginia, 26261

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This picture taken by Ruth Trescott in 1954 when they brought generators in by helicopters when she visited Mabel Reese. I hope it brings back memories to those who remember.Remember it as the Wallace Corporation Plant.

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Where:          Richwood Pinfactory 
When:           1954
Submitted by:   K Trescott
Photo:          Taken by Ruth Trescott
Pin Factory and the results of the 1954 Flash Flood

Richwood,Nicholas County,WV., 26261

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Richwoodwww.richwooders.comWest Virginia
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We use clothespins to reseal bags of chips and other snacks, crackers, cereal, and that's just one of the many things that we did with clothespins.
Richwood Pin Factory
(The Clothespin Capital of the World)
The first and world's largest clothespin plant.