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Fenwick Elementary Grade School second and third grades, 1956 - 1957
Near Richwood, West Virginia

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Fenwick Grade School, 2nd. and 3rd. Grades,1956 - 1957

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Where:            Fenwick, West Virginia When:             1956 & 1957 Submitted by:     Ed Roach
Row 1,left to right: 
         Number 1.    
         Number 2.    Lloyd Spencer
         Number 3.    
         Number 4.    
         Number 5.    Norma Jean Murphy
         Number 6.    Percy (Butch) Roach
         Number 7.    Violet Cunningham
         Number 8.     
         Number 9.    Linda Roach 

Row 2 ,left to right:
         Number 1.    
         Number 2.    Linda Gardner
         Number 3.    Paul Meadows
         Number 4.    Bill Harris
         Number 5.    Martha McClung
         Number 6.    

Row 3, left to right:
         Number 1.    
         Number 2.    
         Number 3.    Douglas Shoulders
         Number 4.    Irene Chaffin
         Number 5.    Bob Harris
         Number 6.    Arlene Vogel
         Number 7.    
         Number 8.     
         Number 9.    Bob Chapman   

Row 4,left to right:      
         Number 1.    Bobby Stull
         Number 2.    Nancy Blake
         Number 3.    Glendon (Spike) Adkins
         Number 4.    
         Number 5.    
         Number 6.    Betty Adkins
         Number 7.    
         Number 8.    

Pictured is the 2nd. and 3rd. grades class (1956-1957) of the Fenwick Elementary School, Near Richwood. We are not able to identify the members, is there a Richwooder or a Fenwick Class Mate who can Identify the class or errors on the page, please let us know?

Fenwick School Grades 1956-1957(grades2-3): Row 4,left to right, number 1. is Bobby Stull, my brother. If there are any of these old friends out there that read this send me an e-mail, love to hear from old friends. Thanks. Sherry (Stull) deVries<> Round Rock, TX USA - Tuesday, June 03, 2008 at 03:00:14 (CDT)

Cheryl Given identify some of them that aren't identified
First Row:        (2) Lloyd Spencer,(5) Norma Jean Murphy,(6) Percy (Butch) Roach,(7) Violet Cunningham,
                         (9) Linda Roach,
Second Row:    (2) Linda Gardner,(3) Paul Meadows,(4) Bill Harris,(5) Martha McClung
Third Row:        (4) Irene Chaffin,(5) Bob Harris,(6) Arlene Vogel,
Forth Row:        (2) Nancy Blake

I was looking at your site and can help identify a couple of them that aren't identified. 1956-1957 grades 2 and 3, Row 3, #3 is my brother Douglas Shoulders. Row 3, #9 is my cousin Bob Chapman. Thanks for a great site!
Lena Shoulders (Crain)

Fenwick Grade School 1956 and 1957 idenify pictures 4th row, picture 3rd one Glendon (Spike) Adkins. Number 6 is Betty Adkins, my niece and nephew. They now live in N.C.
Phyllis (Mourey) Lamp <>
Canton, Ohio USA - Monday, April 07, 2008 at 08:39:54 (CDT)

Fenwick Elementary School 2nd. and 3rd. grades 1956 - 1957, Fenwick, West Virginia

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Elementary School - 2nd. and 3rd. grades