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Fenwick West Virginia, Grade School fourth and fifth grades 1959 - 1960.

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Fenwick Grade School 4th. and 5th. Grades,1959 - 1960

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Where:            Fenwick, West Virginia  
When:             1959 & 1960
Submitted by:     Ed Roach
Pictured is the 4th. and 5th. grades class (1959-1960) of the Fenwick Elementary School, Near Richwood. We are not able to identify any of the members, is there a Richwooder or a Fenwick Class Mate who can Identify the class or errors on the page, please let us know?
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(1) Ed & Cheryl Given recognize:   Bill Harris,Mary Lee Jackson,Jeff Bess,Wilma Wilson,Violet Cunningham,Percy (Butch) Roach,Shirley Murphy,Nancy Blake,Brenda Roach,Kermit Irvin,Penny ?,Dale Blake,Larry Ellison,Martha McClung,Irene Chaffin,Bob Harris,Norma Jean Murphy,Arlene Vogel,Linda Roach,Linda Dodrill,Janet Tharp,Connie Roberts,

(2) 1959-1960 grades 4 and 5 Row 3, #7 is my brother Douglas Shoulders. Thanks for a great site! Lena Shoulders (Crain)

(3) Fenwick School Grades 1959-1960 (4-5) Row 1 #5. Bobby Stull. Fenwick School Grades
Thanks. Sherry (Stull) deVries <>

Row 1,left to right:
   Number 1   Bill Harris
   Number 2   Mary Lee Jackson
   Number 3   Jeff Bess
   Number 4   Wilma Wilson
   Number 5   Bobby Stull
   Number 6   Violet Cunningham
   Number 7   Percy (Butch) Roach
   Number 8   Shirley Murphy
Row 2 ,left to right:
   Number 1   Nancy Blake
   Number 2   
   Number 3   Brenda Roach
   Number 4   Kermit Irvin
   Number 5   Penny ?
   Number 6   Dale Blake
Row 3, left to right:
   Number 1   Larry Ellison
   Number 2   Martha McClung
   Number 3   
   Number 4   Irene Chaffin
   Number 5   Bob Harris
   Number 6   Norma Jean Murphy
   Number 7   Douglas Shoulders
   Number 8   Arlene Vogel
Row 4,left to right:
   Number 1   Linda Roach
   Number 2   
   Number 3   Linda Dodrill
   Number 4   
   Number 5   Janet Tharp
   Number 6   Connie Roberts
   Number 7   

Fenwick Elementary School fourth and fifth grades 1959 - 1960, Fenwick, West Virginia

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Fenwick West Virginia