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Milltown Elementary School Sixth grade, 50 - 51, Richwood WV

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Milltown Grade School,Sixth Grade,1950 - 1951

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Where:              Richwood West Virginia  
When:               1950 &   1951
Submitted by:       Marilyn Seitz

Pictured is the 6th grade class 1950-1951 of the Milltown School, Richwood. We are able to identify the members, let us know if you notice any name errors, or even spelling errors, Thank You....

Row 1,left to right: 
         Number 1.    Marilyn Seitz       
         Number 2.    Jim Satterfield
         Number 3.    Polly Facemire                  
         Number 4.    "Buzz" David Coulter        
         Number 5.    Susie Brown
         Number 6.    Doug Mullins         
         Number 7.    Linda Chapman
Row 2 ,left to right:
         Number 1.    Alice McDonaldson     
         Number 2.    Jerry Cutlip    
         Number 3.    Barbara Henderson  
         Number 4.    Gayle Washlechalk 

Row 3, left to right:
         Number 1.    Kent Mullins
         Number 2.    Bertha Vannoy       
         Number 3.    Larry Facemire
         Number 4.    Sharon Ledbetter   
         Number 5.    Ranny Doddrill  
         Number 6.    Jane Butler    
         Number 7.    John Radar 
Row 4,left to right:      
         Number 1.    Danny Boone      
         Number 2.    Homer Vannoy
         Number 3.    Richard White
         Number 4.    Jim Bussey
         Number 5.    Donnie Martin
         Number 6.    Bunkie Boyers

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(1) Marilyn Seitz recognize: Jim Satterfield,Polly Facemire,"Buzz" David Coulter,Susie Brown,Doug Mullins,Linda Chapman,Alice McDonaldson,Jerry Cutlip,Barbara Henderson,Gayle Washlechalk,Kent Mullins,Bertha Vannoy,Larry Facemire,Sharon Ledbetter,Ranny Doddrill,Jane Butler,John Radar,Danny Boone,Homer Vannoy,Richard White,Jim Bussey,Donnie Martin,Bunkie Boyers.

Richwood WV - Milltown Elementary Sixth Grade 1950 - 1951, Richwood, West Virginia

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