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Tannery Grade School First grade, Richwood, WV

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Tannery Grade School 1ST. Grade

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Where:          Tannery Elementary School Riverside Drive, Richwood West Virginia  
When:           1949 &   1950  
Submitted by:   John and Reva (Cool) Sparks 

If anybody know the names,  please let us know.

Row 1
       3.  Patricia McQuaid  
       4.  Lonnie Mourey  
       6.  Charles Bragg  
       7.  Pat Barrow
       8.  James Trescott
       9.  Sally Gibbs
Row 2
        1.  Stephen Blake 
        2.  Hallie Surface
        3.  Danny Hartshorn
        4.  John Postek 
        5.  Joann ?
        6.  David Hicks
Row 3
        2.  Ray Rogers
        3.  Pam Barrow 
        5.  Carolyn King ?
        7.  Rosemary Anderson or Linda Brewster
        9.  Susie Shuttlesworth

Row 4
        1.  Michael Wise
        2.  Barbara Ignatious 
        3.  Donny Wease 
        6.  Rosemary Anderson or Linda Brewster
        7.  Johnny Sparks
        9.  Kirk Moses

John Sparks, I have found my long lost Tannery grade school picture. My picture is located on
row two, frame 1. Thanks for the memories. Stephen Blake.

You might want to add these names. -Stephen Blake row1 #3 Patricia McQuaid,#6 Charles Bragg,#8 James Trescott,#9 Sally Gibbs, row2 #1 Stephen Blake,#2 Hallie Surface,#3 Danny Hartshorn,#4 John Postek,#5 Joann ?,#5 David Hicks row3 #2 Ray Rogers,#9 Susie Shuttlesworth, row4 #2 Barbara Ignatious,#3 Donny Wease,#7 Johnny Sparks ,#9 Kirk Moses,

I have these pictures stored away some where with all the names on the back. If I find it, I will send in the names. I remember almost all these faces, but the names are escaping me.

Great website. I've been looking at all this stuff after hearing that Bob Smith's house burned down. He was a really close friend of our family -- my father, Pete Barrow, was a lawyer with offices on Oakford Avenue, and we lived just down the street from Bob and Edith on Riverside Drive. You're really doing a great service to put up and maintain this site.    
Pamela Barrow Hannam

Row 1, column 7, Pat Barrow
Row 3, column 3, Pam Barrow
Row 3, column 5, Carolyn King?
Row 3, column 7, Rosemary Anderson or Linda Brewster
Row 4, column 6, Rosemary Anderson or Linda Brewster

I wanted to identify pictures in Tannery Grade School 1949-1950. 2nd row 4th one left is Lonnie Mourey. 4th row last one left is Michael Wise. Phyllis (Mourey) Lamp <>canton, ohio USA - Saturday, June 07, 2008 at 18:33:49
Tannery Elementary School Riverside Drive, First Grade, Richwood, West Virginia

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