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Tannery Grade School Seventh grade,1960 - 1961,Richwood WV
Photo slightly torn, otherwise very good condition.

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Tannery Grade School,Seventh Grade,1960 - 1961

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Where:               Richwood West Virginia  
When:                1960 &   1961
Submitted by:        Joyce O'Dell 
I am in the 3rd row, 2nd from the right and my name was Joyce O'Dell.
Miss Hollingsworth and I kept in touch until her death, with a few years of time with no communication until the last 5 years of her life.
I can name a lot of these students but one should be mentioned -- Rex Bowyer.  He is in the fourth row down, second from the right (Roger Beverage is the first on the right.)
Rex has stayed in my mind for many years.  He died in Vietnam.  I heard he'd been wounded and was being sent home when the helicopter he was in was shot down.  Never forgot him.
Written BY Joyce Ebenstein

In Memory of SP4 REX ALLAN BOWYER. Let us not forget SP4 REX ALLAN BOWYER, casualty of the Vietnam War
    Was born on September 28, 1948 and joined 
the Army while in RICHWOOD, West Virginia. 

He served as a 11B2P in the Army.  He attained 
the rank of (SP4) in his first year of service. 
He began a tour of duty on December 2, 1967. 

On February 1, 1968, at the age of 19, REX ALLAN 
BOWYER perished in the service of our country in
South Vietnam, Bien Hoa. 

REX ALLAN BOWYER honored on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Panel 36E, Row 46.


Tannery Seventh grade 1960 - 1961, Richwood, West Virginia

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