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Tannery Grade School Fifth Grade,1967 - 1968 Richwood, WV.

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Tannery Grade School 5th Grade

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The students in the 1967-68 5th Grade Class are as follows:
Top Row:        Marsha Crews, Pam Thomas, Lucena Hinkle, Diane Ferrell, Bobby Gibson, Debbie Ferrell, Jerry Naylor
Second Row:   Natalie Shaver, Billy Sloan, Danny Bragg, Jo Ellen Hunt
Third Row:       Jimmy Cash, Joyce Rose, Ricky Moss, Danny Worley, Sheila Keffer, Timmy Crist
Bottom Row:    Karen Thomas, Terry Lewis, Vicky Hacker, David Reel, Rodney Ragland, Mike Hagy, (?)

Where:               Richwood West Virginia  
When:                1967 &   1968  
Submitted by:        Lucena Hinkle 

Tannery 5 grade, Richwood, WV.

Richwood Click for West Virginia
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